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Geodesign Hub is software for collaborative geodesign. It enables teams to create and share concepts, to design collaboratively, and to receive change-assessments instantly – all in a highly synergetic, efficient and easy to use environment. It is especially effective in the early stages of a complex study or project, when many alternatives must be rapidly created & considered.

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Engage Everyone

Experts and non-experts can collaborate in one accessible framework, in person or over the internet. Geodesign Hub has a simple interface; it eliminates the confusing elements for non-experts, while streamlining and increasing efficiency for professionals. Everyone can engage on the same level, and that level can accommodate highly complex interactions.

Flexible Imports & Exports

We know how important it is to be able to import and export existing geospatial data quickly and easily. We also know how important it is to have those data work in the most efficient way possible. No matter the format or amount, your data will import and export perfectly and sync flawlessly with our tools and processing engine. With Geodesign Hub you can get everyone started and have a fully functioning design team in a very short time.

Clear Documentation

Geodesign Hub requires less than an hour of self-managed and video-supported training for users to become proficient in using the software. Set up your project using our inventive software and the geodesign process will become substantially easier and more efficient to implement and manage. This gets the early stages of planning off to a rapid start, and fully engages everyone in productive collaboration. The result can be what we all seek-- vastly improved designs for the many important issues and places in the world.