Geodesign Hub aims to be a design workflow and therefore is as lightweight as possible. It supports common geospatial data formats and is compatible with external models, data generation and analysis tools. Below is a list of models, utilities and plugins that are compatible with Geodesign Hub and have been tested.

If you think of a feature or utility that can be helpful for the workflow and other users, you can use the API to write your own plugin that utilizes data from the site or let us know!

ViconsagaA tool to visualize individual diagrams in a projectTiago Marino
Buildings 3D ViewerA plugin that generates a 3D scene from a JSON downloaded via the API using OSM Buildings library.Geodesign Hub
3D Globe ViewerA plugin that generates a 3D scene from a JSON downloaded via the API using Cesium JS library.Geodesign Hub
Geodesign Hub Terrain ViewerA plugin that enables you to visualize a Geodesign Hub Synthesis on a terrain map.Hrishikesh Ballal
Geodeisgn Hub Diagram DownloaderA dashboard to download individual diagrams.Geodesign Hub

Evaluation Models
Urban ToolboxUrban Toolbox is a WebGIS tool that can build evaluation maps in a intuitive and user friendly fashion.Stefano Pensa
Evaluation Map ConverterA tool to convert Evaluation Shapefiles to GeoJSON that can be uploaded to a project.Geodesign Hub
Openstreetmap Evaluations BuilderA tool to build Evaluation maps using Openstreetmap data.Geodesign Hub
Sentinel Evaluations GeneratorA tool to build raster evaluation maps using satellite and earth observation imagery..Geodesign Hub

Decision Models
Visual Decision ModelA utility to set decision model preferences by visualizing them on evaluation maps.Geodesign Hub

Design Synthesis
Geodesign AnalyticsA tool to provide basic analytics for your project.Geodesign Hub

Diagram Operations
Landuse Allocation ModelA demand-based, evaluation-weighted, geodesign designated land use allocation modelGeodesign Hub
Buffer a diagramA plugin that lets you buffer a diagram and send it back as a new diagram.Geodesign Hub
Discounted Cash Flow AnalysisA plugin to help do a discounted cashflow analysis on a design.Geodesign Hub
Diagram FreedrawA plugin freedraw a diagram using touch controls (e.g. tablets and phones)Geodesign Hub
Develop your own

Geodesign Hub as a elaborate and consistent API. You can build your plugin that is compatible with Geodesign Hub and get listed here and also get paid!. There are no hard guidelines for compatibility, if your model can make or understand a map in five levels, it can be used in the workflow. For more details about testing and getting your model listed here, please get in touch!