Geodesignhub adopts a "batteries included" ethos where the tool itself is designed to be as lightweight as possible and the functionality is extended via a sophisticated plugin architecture. The plugin architecture supports common geospatial data formats and is compatible with external models, data generation and analysis tools. Below is a list of models, utilities and plugins that are compatible with Geodesignhub and have been extensively used and tested.

If you think of a feature or utility that can be helpful for the workflow and other users, you can use the API to write your own plugin that utilizes data from the site or let us know!

Buildings 3D ViewerA plugin that generates a 3D scene from a JSON downloaded via the API using OSM Buildings library.Geodesignhub
Globe 3D ViewerA plugin that generates a 3D scene from a JSON downloaded via the API using Cesium JS library.Geodesignhub
Diagrams DashboardA dashboard to download individual diagrams.Geodesignhub

Project Data
Project ArchiverA plugin to download and archive all details of a project using CSV and GIS data for use with other softare and archiving.Geodesignhub

Evaluation Models
Openstreetmap Evaluations BuilderA tool to build Evaluation maps using Openstreetmap data.Geodesignhub
Sentinel Evaluations GeneratorA tool to build raster evaluation maps using satellite and earth observation imagery.Geodesignhub
NLCD Evaluations GeneratorA tool to build evaluation maps using National Landcover database in the US.Geodesignhub
CORINE Evaluations GeneratorA tool to build evaluation maps using CORINE Landcover database in Europe.Geodesignhub

Design Synthesis
Geodesign AnalyticsA tool to provide basic analytics for your project.Geodesignhub
Design ShowcaseA plugin to analyze important semantic and spatial information about a design.Geodesignhub
Design KaleidoscopeA plugin that helps you change transperencies of your design synthesis. This is useful to visualize complex designs with many projects and policies.Geodesignhub
ESRI BridgeA plugin that helps you exchange diagram and design synthesis data from and to ESRI ArcGIS organization.Geodesignhub

Diagram Operations
Landuse Allocation ModelA demand-based, evaluation-weighted, geodesign designated land use allocation modelGeodesignhub
Buffer a diagramA plugin that lets you buffer a diagram and send it back as a new diagram.Geodesignhub
Complex Diagram EditorA plugin to edit complex diagrams, this is especially useful when you are working with complex polygons / shapes. These are normally created / generated in GIS systems but are added to a Geodesignhub project.Geodesignhub
Develop your own

Geodesignhub as a elaborate and consistent API. You can build your plugin that is compatible with Geodesignhub and get listed here and also get paid! There are no hard guidelines for compatibility, if your idea can make or understand a map in five levels, or utilize the data from Geodesignhub for your work, it can be used in the workflow. For more details about testing and getting your plugin listed here, please get in touch!