Geodesignhub Training

Geodesignhub provides hands-on training for different types users at all levels, both online and in person. Our trainers don’t just know the software inside out; they’ve been directly involved with hundreds of Geodesign projects too, in all aspects. From foot soldiers right up to developers and managers, all levels of your organisation will be up to speed with Geodesignhub’s technology in no time. We offer specialized, user-focused training programmes to suit your organisation’s needs and interests. These courses can take one day each but can also be scheduled flexibly to accommodate time and budget requirements.

Project Administrator I
Project Administrator II

This is the first training that you should take that teaches you the basics of the different functionalities of the software. This course will provide a strong foundation for getting started with Geodesignhub. We focus on helping users feel confident with the software and becoming proficient in the geodesign process.

What's covered?

This training will teach you the basic functions of Geodesignhub and using them:

  • Introduction to user interface
  • Writing Design Brief
  • Working with diagrams
  • Synthesizing designs
  • Comparing Designs
  • Timeline
  • Diagram groups
  • Project boards
Who is it for?

Project managers, Project Engineers, Program co-ordinators, Mid / Senior Management


There are no specific pre-requisites needed for this course.


In-person: 1-Day - 8 hours
Virtual Classroom: 4-Days - 2 hours per day

This course is meant for advanced users who want to setup and run their own projects from scratch for their organization. This course covers data set management, setting up a Geodesignhub project and the various administrator controls and project settings.

What's covered?

This training will teach you the advanced functions of Geodesignhub and mastering them:

  • Data and project setup sheet
  • Developing targets
  • Collecting data
  • Creating a project
  • Administration section
  • Plugins
  • Costs and Budeting
  • Using other software
  • Data exports
Who is it for?

Project managers, Co-ordinators who want to run their own workshops


Project Administrator I training must be completed before this training.


In-person: 1-Day - 8 hours
Virtual Classroom: 4-Days - 2 hours per day

Training Schedule

One virtual classroom training happens every two months, with the next one starting in January 2019. Generally a consultation and scheduling is required for a in-person training. Please use the contact button at the bottom to know more about the in-person and virtual classroom trainings.

Become a Geodesignhub Certified Administrator

You have completed the Geodesignhub trainings and adept at managing and administering geodesign projects. You can now take your skills to the next level by becoming a Certified Administrator to grow career opportunities for you and your company. Our project administration certification is for Geodesignhub experts who can setup run and organize geodesign projects. Certification exams are charged per attempt and you can purchase one once you feel you are fully prepared.

More details about certifications coming Q2 2019.

All trainings come with access to our comprehensive course. You can consider it as a digital textbook, it has detailed videos and documents for you to refer back to, review even after the hands-on sessions are completed.