Software for project critical negotiations

Geodesignhub is a communications platform to run negotiation meetings for your project. It is used in the context of masterplanning, infrastructure investments, tourism, environmental management, citizen engagement, public policy development etc. We help you in analyzing, streamlining, organizing and efficiently co-ordinating your project activites to speed up the project and develop consensus on difficult decisions.

Project Flow

We have developed a unique process to facilitate negotiations using our software, it can be deployed in 1-2 months for your project. Your project can benefit by a digital negotiations process around project-critical decision. These negotiations can be conducted privately or used publicly with stakeholders.


Is Geodesignhub right for your project?

Step 1
Data prep

Geo-surveys, meeting scheduling

Step 2
Meeting 1 (1 hour)

Online or in-person: Introduction and objectives

Step 3
Meeting 2 (2 hours)

Online or in-person: Negotiations

Step 4

Financial Analysis, Reports, ongoing support

Flat Pricing

Starting from 500 EUR / month / project
500 EUR one-time project setup fee. 5000 EUR / year / project if paid yearly.

Recommended Add-Ons

  •  Upto 50 participants
  •  Three administrators
  •  Reviews / Collaboration
  •  Project Boards
  •  Account Management
  •  Developer / API training
  •  Premium Support

Public Service and Humanitarian Projects

We offer free or upto 80% discounts for Public service and humanitarian projects for upto one year on Geodesignhub. This depends on the project and we provide community based support. At any time you can export all your data as GeoPackage or GeoJSON for use with other tools.